Welcome! You will want to follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Setup


Step 3: Get My Indicators


When you are comfortable with the system, rules and setups, the next step is to start practicing using the indicators. You'll want to subscribe to my indicators in Tradingview.com to start "training" in a simulated trading account.

INSTRUCTIONS TO ADD INDICATORS - In Tradingview.com, open a chart, then right click and select "insert indicator".

Then search for the following indicators. Look to verify the author is "Chris333", select and insert :

  • Daily Pivot Range Indicator
  • ACD Opening Range Indicator
  • Daily Pivot Moving Averages Indicator
  • 3 Day RPR (Rolling Pivot Range)
  • 6 Day RPR (Rolling Pivot Range)

These indicators are the cornerstone of the Virtues Trading system utilizing the ACD Method and can be used in any market with sufficent liquidity and volatility such as, cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, futures, ETFs and more.

Step 2: Learn

CHARTS & STUDIES - Your biggest gains in learning the system will come through the use of the Trade Charts, Video Tutorials, Chart Studies and Education Studies integrated from Tradingview.

CHART ACCESS - You can access the Charts from the Virtues Trading Members Dashboard in a streaming format. Or, you can also access from the Charts & Studies page or the widgets, like the one below, found throughout the website.

TRADING NOTIFICATIONS - With the notifications settings enabled on Tradingview, each time I publish a new trade chart or study, you will receive a notification. This is your call to action.

VIDEO TUTORIALS - Many of the Charts & Studies will have Video Tutorials with analysis and instruction on system rules and methodology. Many of the videos are also stand alone, with a lot of knowledge and lessons packed into short video clips.

Important, Know This:

1. TRAINING SITE - Use this site as a training ground to learn my trading system.

2. USE  A DEMO SIMULATED ACCOUNT - Would you fly a fighter jet with no previous training on how to maneuver or land? Use the "simulator" first; the demo account offered on Tradingview.com is great for practice.  Most other trade execution platforms offer trade simulators as well.

3. TRADE SIGNALS - This site is not a trade signal site.

4. ACTUAL TRADING - When you decide to trade the system in live trading, start practicing with very small amounts and position sizes. Cryptocurrency markets allow you to transact in small amounts. In forex, you can open a micro account at most brokerages, where you risk pennies instead of dollars. This is a great way to execute real trading and minimize losses until you are proficient enough with the system.

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