5 Trading Questions





Ask yourself these 5 questions. Write down your answers on a piece of paper or in your computer.

These questions help reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your trading method, system and risk management.

Not having definitive answers to these questions will sabotage your success in trading.

The good news is, my system has all of these questions answered for you.

They are proven, tested and reliable and can set you on the path of trading success.

Listen to the little voice telling you to stop looking for short cuts.

Instead, listen to the reasonable voice telling you to invest in your education.

Get the answers to the fundamental questions that every trader must know.

These are the critical questions that will set you up for trading success.

Of course, I have my own answers, and I will send them to you if you sign up below!

Here you go:

1. Of your trade setups, can you write down the name of your highest probability trade setup?

2. Can you write down the formula (or fixed amount) you use, for every trade, to calculate the amount of money per trade you should risk?

3.  Can you write down the formula/method you use, for every trade, to calculate your initial position size?

4. Clearly state the method you use, and its name, to identify your trade entry level, stop loss and profit targets that result in a proper risk reward ratio of 1:1.5 minimum?  (if you don't have a name, give it one...it's fun and makes your commitment to it more real).

5. Can you state your rules to exit your trades?

Now, if you are serious about your trading and need some help, I may be willing to teach you my method. (BUT, we will need to talk first)

It is proprietary, and it is unique.

Not the ACD System in the main part of my website.

This one is my own,  AND IT'S SPECIAL.

My system is SOOOOO SIMPLE. And, it's UNIVERSAL...meaning it can be applied to any market without any adjustments or tweaks.

So this means trading opportunities are everywhere, and everyday.

I have indicator calculations that I have created. I have not seen anything else like them in the marketplace.

I will give you all the tools to win consistently, in any market.

The rest comes down to you and your discipline.

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