When you open a chart be sure to scroll down in order to see the comments and updates as the trade progresses.

If you are logged in, a Video Tutorial specific to the chart, may popup and play automatically. You can gain deeper understanding of the chart and lessons by watching the video. You can bypass the video by clicking on the webpage.

  • These charts show full system education such as ACD value lines and points, stop loss targets, profit targets, fades, with explanations of each. This includes citing rules and pointing out various opportunities and risks based on the trading methodology. Approximately 4-5 of these chart studies are released each month. Look for the bar at the top that reads "Long", "Short" or "Neutral".
  • This category shows educational studies on charts related to the trading system, including technical analysis, rules, tactics, as well as other technicals such patterns and more. Look for the bar at the top that reads "Education".
  • These charts are used to show the trade setups and released in real time, with limited trading system details or comments. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and ask questions in the comments section, which helps foster learning and understanding of the trading methodology. Look for the bar at the top that reads "Long", "Short" or "Neutral".
  • The Video Tutorials go further to explain the trade charts and education studies. These also include videos of actual trades based on the trading system and may be stand alone or linked to the chart studies, trade charts and education studies.